NADRA Office jobs 2023

NADRA Office Jobs 2023
The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) in Pakistan plays a crucial role in maintaining the national database of citizens and providing various identification and documentation services. Here are some of the key roles and functions of NADRA:


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Issuance of Identity Cards:

NADRA is responsible for issuing Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) to citizens. These identity cards serve as the primary proof of identification for Pakistani citizens and are used for various purposes, including voting, financial transactions, accessing government services, and more.

Population Registration:

NADRA maintains a comprehensive and updated database of the country’s population. This database includes demographic information, photographs, fingerprints, and other relevant data for each individual registered in the system.

Authentication and Verification:

NADRA provides verification and authentication services to various government and private organizations. These services help confirm the identity and details of individuals for different purposes, such as employment, educational admissions, financial transactions, and legal matters.

Biometric Verification:

NADRA’s biometric verification system is used to verify the identity of individuals through their fingerprints. This system is widely used in banking, telecommunications, and other sectors to prevent fraud and enhance security.

Data Security:

NADRA is responsible for safeguarding the personal and biometric data of citizens. It employs advanced security measures to protect this sensitive information from unauthorized access and breaches.


NADRA’s database and technological infrastructure support various e-governance initiatives in Pakistan. This includes digitizing government services and processes to make them more efficient and accessible to citizens.

Disaster Management:

NADRA’s database plays a crucial role in disaster management and relief efforts. It helps government agencies and NGOs identify affected individuals, track their needs, and provide targeted assistance during natural disasters and emergencies.

Foreign Nationals Registration:

Apart from citizens, NADRA also deals with the registration of foreign nationals residing in Pakistan, including refugees and asylum seekers.

Passport and Visa Issuance:

NADRA’s database is integrated with the passport and visa issuance processes. It helps in verifying the identity of individuals applying for passports or visas, ensuring the accuracy of information.

Citizen Services:

NADRA provides various citizen-centric services, including family registration certificates, marriage certificates, and more. These services facilitate legal documentation and family-related matters.

NADRA office Multan:

The NADRA office in Multan which is located in shah-Rukn-e-Alamcolony phase one provides numerous jobs for qualified students as well as those who severely need a job. NADRA not only serves the country by playing different roles but it also serves humanity by opening seats.

Job Nature

· This job is on a contract base

· Handsome salary will offer

· This job is government based

· Hiring will done in the Federal government sector

· Allocation occurs in Multan city

· After the contract period, it may become permanent

· Various numbers of seats are present for two posts which are as follows

1. Data entry operator

2. Security Guard

· The contract is for one year

· These posts are announced on 7 August 2023

· Last date to walk in is 21 August 2023

· You can see these posts announcement in DAWN newspaper

· Disabled and minorities are also eligible for these posts

· Male and female both are suitable

· There will be no discrimination or favoritism to prefer

· Basic pay scale is 4 and 11


Job Credentials

The following credentials are demanded for allocation:

· Minimum qualification for security guard post is intermediate or middle pass

· For the seat of Data entry operator, minimum education is intermediate or bachelor

· Having a good command of typing

· Basic skills

· Some job experience in any department or institute

· Good communication skills

· Know how to use a computer

· No specific subject degree entitle


Applying System

Go with these directions to grab your seat:

· Read the newspaper to know about NADRA posts

· No need to apply through online portal

· Just visit the mentioned location with the following documentation and CV

1. Original CNIC

2. Punjab domicile

3. All educational certificates

4. Any experience certificates

5. Any skill certificates

· Bring these documents in hard copy while going for an interview

· No registration fees

· No written test will occur

· Interview will be held in the regional office of NADRA

· In case of any difficulty, feel free to contact with NADRA

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